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x forever x comes x crashing x

ok best community. ever.
pshh, i guess.
45 points to me for being true till death.
how about...
-having the symbol of pi tattooed on my back.
-or owning two white belts.
-driving a volvo.
-being put on the guest list by Mortekai of Athena In Hades.
-being friends with the drummer for Lights Out and For The Crown.
-being in every band in this communities interests (ps, you should add ichneumon).
-owning a Locust belt buckle.
-playing synth.

i win kthnxbye.

oh and the layout needs serious help.
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yea it does someone needs to do it cuz i don't know how
dude where the hell are our pics? that's half the scene part. you lose 45 scene points for not knowing how to manipulate the lj. anyway, gimme le word de pass and i will fix this madness.