the patron saint of switchblade fights (towersofhanoi) wrote in xscenepointsx,
the patron saint of switchblade fights

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x forever x comes x crashing x

ok best community. ever.
pshh, i guess.
45 points to me for being true till death.
how about...
-having the symbol of pi tattooed on my back.
-or owning two white belts.
-driving a volvo.
-being put on the guest list by Mortekai of Athena In Hades.
-being friends with the drummer for Lights Out and For The Crown.
-being in every band in this communities interests (ps, you should add ichneumon).
-owning a Locust belt buckle.
-playing synth.

i win kthnxbye.

oh and the layout needs serious help.
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